Monday, 11 June 2007

Hello. My name is Emma and I'm a button-a-holic.

I have a serious problem. A terrible addiction that's taking over my life, and my already limited bank balance. Yes, it's buttons. And not just any buttons, it's buying ebay buttons. Damn, that place grabs hold of you and just won't let go.

My first ebay experiences were back in 2001, when I was a wee young slip of a girl and just a bit obsessed with Marylin Monroe. I had a furious bidding war with someone else over a set of MM postcards, which, thankfully, I won. This was pre-Paypal, so I had to send a cheque and everything. Of course, six years later the postcards are still in the envelope they were posted in, lurking in some dark corner of my planchest drawer. After that I swore I wouldn't be taken in again, but, dagnammit, the buttons are just so reasonably priced on there.

I do have plans for these buttons. Honest. They're going to be turned into some funky jewelry for my etsy shop. Speaking of which, I have sold one item so far to the lovely Maya, and had many, many people looking at Daphne and her friends, so I hope someone snaps them up soon. I do worry that I've over-priced, though. Particularly on the postage, which I have to admit I just guestimated.

Lovely Jon was up in Edinburgh for two days last week, and he bought me back a gorgeous selection of buttons from HK Handknit, which my lovely friend Stephanie told me all about. While he was there he showed the manageress my etsy monsters, and she said she might be interested in selling them. Hurrah! I'm just about to send her an email about them, so I'll keep you posted.


Catherine said...

Hello. My name is Catherine, and I am a button-a-holic. Fear not, there is help out there for folks like us. A 7-point-plan and everything.
That said,
who did you buy the buttons from and are there more? :D
Great news about the shop in Edinburgh.
Better to overprice then lower the price than to underprice and not really be able to increase.
Maybe try some other sizes, that will be cheaper to post and could cost a bit less than Premium Monsters like Daphne?
When I have money (2010 then) I would like a monster with eyes like Daphne's and legs like Willie's and about 7 inches tall, please.

natural attrill said...

I love buttons as well, trouble with shops selling them is that there are just too many to choose from. We have a draw full of buttons and I love to feel them running through my hands!

Toby searches the charity shops and antique fairs collecting vintage buttons which he uses in his jewellery. I look forward to seeing what you make with yours.