Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Whoa! What a crazy/busy ten days it's been. The new kitchen is finally in and is looking fandabbydozy. I can't tell you enough how fabulous it is to have an oven again, and such a brilliant one at that. Check out Sunday night's Runaway Yorkshire Pudding:

I have never wanted and enjoyed a roast dinner more. And it was made all the more delicious by the fact Lovely Jon and I had been working our bums off in the garden all weekend. We now have two enormous new beds freshly dug by Lovely Jon's own fair hands. (Aright, not his hands exactly. We hired a cultivator and got that to do all the hard work for us. But LJ was very proud of himself, and I am too. Bless 'im getting all excited about manual work.) Here is Enormous Bed no.2 next to Normal Sized Bed no.1 where the potatoes are springing up nicely:

The little path there between the two beds will eventually be bark-chipped. You can just about see Enormous Bed no.1 at the bottom of the garden, too. There will be more garden and kitchen photos on our house blog as soon as I've uploaded them. Should be tomorrow. (I hope)

I spent today wandering about in my painting gear with my grease-ball hair back in a scraggy bun and a look of the un-washed about me. I gave the awkward bit above the freezer it's third coat of paint - honestly, can someone please tell me why all walls in this house require at least three coats of paint, if not four? - and started on the woodwork (Ditto the amount of coats of gloss/satinwood on the woodwork), then spent a good couple of hours re-potting tomatoes and herbs on the patio. I'm knackered! And I promise that I have had a bath now. Squeaky clean, and I've even blow-dried my hair to avoid the crazy scarecrow-lady look I usually go for when I've been to bed with damp hair.

Right, I think I'll get on with a spot of knitting. A fabulous day.


natural attrill said...

Ooooh, a homemade yorkshire pud, yummy, I always get frozen batter already in the little tin foil cases that you just stick in the oven, I havent had a real homemade one in years.

PG said...

don't forget to earth them up...

PG said...

(the potatos that is)