Wednesday, 2 May 2007

One-Eyed Wilhemina

She was very quick to knit up after using Willie as a prototype. It was a shame I couldn't find anything suitable for eyelashes, but I think she looks nice and girly in pink anyway. Willie likes her at any rate!


Marisa said...

I think they look extremely happy together! They're pretty cool!

ladysnail said...

open your shop now! i cant wait till june!

Catherine said...

Aw what a sweet couple! Maybe for her eyelashes you could 'couch' on some pink wool in a contrasting shade? She looks great as-is though. I think smaller ones would be really cute. You could sell little families of them :)

Tommy-Rocket said...

She's gorgoeus Em!
She needs a spotty bow!
She needs a spotty bow!

No, not really, she's perfection as she is.