Friday, 16 March 2007

Well, my trip to Penzance wasn't as fruitful as I had hoped. Lots of lovely yarns to buy, but they were all either a wool/acrylic mix - no good for felting - or way to expensive. Sigh. Fabric shopping turned up nothing, too. Didn't help that I had a thumping headache when we got in the car and spent the whole journey trying not to throw up. Penzance's lovely sea air soon made me feel much better once we'd finally stopped moving. I did get a fine array of different papers, though, to try out a new approach with my backgrounds.

And to add to the excitement, we noticed the car was "limping" when we slowed down. I got out to look at the tyres while Lovely Jon drove slowly round the car park of B&Q. The rear passenger side tyre had a lump. A big old egg on it. A quick trip to Kwik Fit revealed we needed three new tyres and the tracking adjusted. Just fifty minutes and 160 quid lighter we were on our way home. I must say, though, Kwik Fit were really good. I hate going into garages as it just reminds me of many a dull hour in my childhood, but they were really nice blokes who did the job straight away with no fuss. God knows what would've happened if I'd been by myself. I'd've probably ignored it until I got back home and then panicked about it.

Today hasn't been all that productive, either. I went into Truro on the train - much quicker and cheaper than driving - for a few bits and bobs. I found the amazing Truro Arts where I was undercharged by 35p - hoorah! -and quite a few nice little shops. My first trip to Truro was back in June and neither of us really liked it, but now on my third visit, it's definitely growing on me. Again lots of lovely yarns and fabrics, but either unsuitable or too expensive. Bum.

Instead I've ordered five mini assortment packs from Atelier Jade in Japan. Much more what I'm after for my crafty bits and pieces. I've had a bit of a brainwave about Primark knickers, too, but I'll keep you posted on that one.

I've recently discovered how great Amazon marketplace is. If the book you want is out of stock/print, someone somewhere will no doubt have it, and usually for a lot less than Amazon. For example, I've just ordered five Delphine Durand-illustrated books that would've cost me £27 in total from Amazon (using their special deals). One of them was out of stock, so using Super Saver delivery would mean I wouldn't get the books for another 3 weeks. But by using Amazon Marketplace sellers, they're all being delivered early next week. I've had to pay delivery on each one, but because the book prices themselves are so low it only comes to a pound more than buying it all from amazon at 28 quid. Genius! I could easily become addicted.

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