Sunday, 25 March 2007

It has been a gorgeous weekend so far down here in Cornwall. Glorious sunshine all day yesterday (I shouldn't feel smug, but apparently it was cloudy and rainy in London. Mwah-hah-hah.) A little cloudy today, but I can see the sun starting to peek through.

The sun shining and the birds singing, I really had no choice but to get in that garden and do a bit of digging. The garden is on a slope, and at some point a previous owner has tried a bit of terracing. There's a thin terrace at the top, and a wide one at the bottom, but nothing but slope inbetween. I managed to dig over most of the top terrace, removing bicycle locks buried in plastic bags and bizarre roots - maybe even roots from the trees at the top of the garden - in the process. Still a way to go.

Amazingly, I don't ache all over. Maybe it's because I was using a claw fork a bit like this one rather than a garden fork, as some bugger nicked ours from our shed at the allotment. (Nothing else. Not the brand new wheelbarrow or the expensive spade, but the cheap, 4 quid fork from Poundstretcher.)

I also managed to plant up some seeds, so we now have basil, oregano, mint, rainbow radishes and carrots, strawberries, lavender, beetroot and three types of tomato busily germinating on the sitting room window sill.

This afternoon I'm off to meet Lovely Jon in Plymouth on his way back from London so hopefully we can have a bit of a wander about and act like tourists. Plus, the clocks have gone forwards, which means, although I would've like the extra hour in bed today, that it'll be lovely and light this evening. Makes me think of long shadows and barbecue smoke. Can't wait for those.

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