Tuesday, 9 May 2006


Good grief, today has been a tough one. There were more than a few tantrums, tears and declarations of hate towards illustration. Favourite phrase of the day: "I'm just going to give up and become a vegetable. Like a carrot or something."

I think I'm just about over it for today. Until it gets to tomorrow's task, of course.

Results to follow.


lorna said...

uh oh- I hate days like that. I think that everyone has them. You'll come out the other end- I promise. (unless, of course, you turn into a carrot- then you'll just get eaten).

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see some more of your wonderful work.:o)

Tommy-Rocket said...

Hi Emma,

Oh dear...
Maybe it's good to have the odd day like that, makes you appreciate it all the more when it goes well.

May I recommend something a bit more interesting than a carrot...perhaps a radish or a kohl rabi, should matters not improve...

Emm@ said...


Thanks guys. I knew I should've picked a more interesting vegetable, but a carrot did sum up exactly how I was feeling at the time! I'm glad I can see the funny side now. I'll have to see what tomorrow brings, though, when I get back into it.

Luv yas.

lorna said...

Emma Emma Emma- I simply MUST see some new pictures on here before I burst.