Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Alright, alright.

I know, I know. I've been very slack on the old updating recently, but here they are.

I'm waiting to see what Meadowside reckon. Mark has been making them up into dummy spreads, so we shall see what Simon thinks when he returns later this week.

I really like them just in black and white. Not sure if that would be commercial enough, though.

I've also started doodling down a few ideas for a new job that came in last week. It's a book cover that the publishers would like in my Eeries style. The power of the postcard, eh? Speaking of the Eeries, only 1000 words to go. Ye-haa.


lorna said...

Hoooray!!!!!! they are brilliant (I like his bum hehehehe).

Maya said...

Fabulantastic!!! :O)
The pooping dog made me laugh out loud...lol!!


Hollyyyyyyyyyyy said...

Hehehe....funny :) And cute :) The trampoline one reminds me of something I watched last night on some website...a fox on a trampoline...and it was real and everything!! Hehe, so cute...the fox, I mean...anyway! Byeee!!

Gail said...

These are such fun - lots of laughs! ;)

Tommy-Rocket said...

Beautiful line work Emm@!
Full of movement & life.

Erica x

PG said...

Marvellous Emma! I particularly like the discreet cross on the bottom...

Lucy said...

Emm@ these are *so* good. They are really simple but you have captured the expressions and poses really well with just a few brush strokes! Love them all, especially the dog doing a poo! Haha! Glad to hear your postcards have brought you work! How many did you post out?

Emm@ said...

Ahhh, thanks guys.

I'm taking a bit of a break from these over June while everything else is sorted out, then my new agent and I will be on them with a vengence!

Lucy, I had 100 printed and sent out about 80. One hit in 80 tries isn't too bad!