Thursday, 5 September 2013

New Girl Crush

I've had these images sitting in an open tab on my browser for weeks now. I like to take a quick look at them every so often if I'm in need of a chuckle, but I think I really need to share them as they're really too lovely to keep to myself. This is Hilda:

This is the image that has made me totally fall in love with her. Quite honestly, that is my butt right there, and I'd love me a red onesie.

I came across Hilda, and her creator Duane Bryers, through some link or other, probably on Twitter, in this article here. Leaving aside her fabulous facial expressions, excellent taste in bikinis and gorgeous puppy pal, her history is very interesting. Plus, you know, she seriously makes me want to go back to being a redhead!

You can check out more Hildas in a gallery here, although this one is my favourite:

Gah, who am I kidding? They're all my favourites!

Hilda is the property of Brown & Bigelow, images from


Peri said...

I love them. Fabulous.

Peri said...

Love them. Fabulous. She looks so happy and she has a real women's arse!