Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Oh, Hello...

... I just popped off there to draw a few Brownies, a few Vikings and forgot to come back.

So, it's been another month of scribbling away. I'm pretty happy to have this lovely, long string of work. I just need one nice, long well-paying job to top it off now! But, thankfully, things have calmed down considerably since the book fairs in the spring, so it's nicely manageable at the moment.

In photo-related news, I finally managed to join the C21st, and get smartphone once my contract was up. I've had a Sony Experia T now for two weeks and it is AMAZING. Most amazing of all is its 13MP camera, so expect a lot more Instgramming and decent photos on here. And, dude, why did no one tell me there was a whole world of fab, free photo apps out there?! I'm slowly working my way through them all....

Here are a few snaps from the inaugural outing:

sea spaghetti





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