Monday, 26 November 2012

I've Been Busy...

...finally updating my Folksy shop. Huzzah! I mean, I only made these things back in June, but there you are!

I've put some clasp purses and a couple of drawstring bags up there today; hopefully four more slightly larger drawstrings will be meeting them in the shop later this week when:

a) My camera batteries don't die on me mid-photo shoot
b) It stops raining long enough for some decent light
c) I'm not drawing knights/dragons/princesses etc
d) I'm not behind a desk in a library somewhere

I've been planning to put up some clasp purses for nearly three years now, so I think it's just about time I got them off the drawing board and out in to the real world! I've have already sold one this afternoon (the one with squirrels on, below), but as that was to Lovely Jutta, a friend IRL, I'm not sure that counts!

Please do take a look here. Ta v much.







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