Thursday, 18 October 2012


Well, after rather optimistically starting this Halloween-themed cross stitch this time last year and running out of time/energy/enthusiasm to finish it in time for October 31st, I actually got around to finishing it off sometime in the early summer. Of course, it then sat there in my floss tin unloved, unironed and unframed until this Tuesday - even though I bought the frame for it last October, too. Gah.

Excuse the rather grainy and faded-looking photos; the autumnal light is a right bugger for taking photos in at my place. The last is probably the closest to true-colour:

halloween ABC1

halloween ABC2

halloween ABC3

Halloween AND alphabets. What's not to like, right?! The kit is by Lizzie * Kate, which I bought through Sew and So, along with the "vintage" effect Aida.

So, what was missing and keeping my frame and my stitching apart was two final components: foam board and stainless steel pins. I thought the whole framing thang would be really difficult to pull off neatly, but after watching this lovely video from Sublime Stitching, it was a literal doddle:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

I've already got hold of a few mini-pumpkins of various colours that I'm going to put along the mantelpiece interspersed with the odd candle to add to my spooky decor. Bring on Hallooooooooowwweeeeennnn!!!

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