Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Little Adventure

Jenny the Bike and I went on a little trip today. I thought we'd just take a quick jaunt down to the Marina, which turned into just as far as Ovingdean Cafe, quickly followed by oh, what the heck, let's go to Rottingdean. After a quick break for tea, natch, I didn't fancy going back the way I came, so thought sod it, and killed myself getting up the hill to Woodingdean, then virtually flew down Race Hill and Elm Grove back home instead. 10 mile round trip, Google Maps says. Rockin'.

bike ride


Peri said...

Should have popped in for a reviving cuppa! Peri x

Emm@ said...

I did think about it, but then I remembered how horrible and sweaty I was and thought I'd better not drip over your soft furnishings!