Monday, 14 November 2011

Shrinky Dinky Rinky

The making for Craftaganza is well on the way. Some of my current stock is three years old, so I'm making a whole load of new stuff not only for the fair, but for my Folksy shop, too. I've drawn up some forest animals for a range of woodland-themed brooches, which I've printed out on shrinky plastic and baked into awesome, sturdy plastic shapes. I'm uber impressed with how the initial few come out, so I've designed a whole load more. Here's a foxy one:

shrinky fox

He's about 6cm x 4cm, a nice brooch size. I'll give him a coat of matt spray varnish, glue a brooch back on and he'll be ready to go. There is also a deer, an owl and a hare to go alongside as individual brooches, plus a set of three comprising a toadstool, an oak leaf and an acorn. It's the first time I've really put my illustrations on anything to sell; it's quite exciting!

And the shrink plastic itself is SO much fun. They come out looking fab, a bit like using the badge machine: whatever goes in comes out looking 1000 times more awesome. I've only got five sheets of the plastic left, so I've ordered more. There'll be brooches galore!

In a Christmas card update, my cards were delivered today and for the first time I'm not impressed. They've been cut really roughly, they were loose in the box so got bashed about, and the envelopes weren't even included. I've written a firm but polite email of complaint and am just waiting for a response. Hopefully I'll get a new batch re-printed for free, this time with envelopes. I'll keep you posted.


Deb said...

AMAZINGGGG! He looks so fab - better than my fox badge. Keep shrinking! x

Holly said...

OMG THAT'S AWESOME!!!!! Me likey a LOT.

Wibbo said...

Ooooh, nice! Looking forward to seeing them :o)

pie said...

I love him!! What clever stuff. Are you going to do any pirates? I reckon pirate hat, parrot and chest of gold would be great :)

Emm@ said...

Cheers muchly y'all.

Pirates! I never thought of those. Pirates would be an awesome addition. Maybe a ninja, too ;-).

Catherine Hayward said...

Fab :) I could never get shrink plastic to work for me, always came out mucky looking and irregular shaped (maybe I can blame my oven?)