Monday, 25 July 2011

Bit O'An Update

Hello, Blawg. Seems an age since I posted properly. Now, where was I? What's been going on? Well, the main thing recently has been my good, old friend Crohn's Disease playing me up good and proper. I went to the hospital last Wednesday so the gastroenterologists could have a good look inside me and see what was going down. I got to have a look at the same time, and I must say, far from being totally disgusting, it was actually fascinating. Even I could tell where the bad bits were, so they must be pretty bad. It's a bit of a relief to be able to pin-point what's happening, to be honest. I've just been feeling generally ick since March, and, although I've taken an educated guess at what's wrong, it's nice to have it confirmed. Anyhoo, the plus side is I now have some fabbo new pills to take which are hopefully going to sort me out ASAP so I don't have to feel tired and grouchy anymore. Awesomesauce indeedy.

So, enough of the feeling ick, and on to more work. The first half of The Project has been completed, we're now on to the second, which starts in earnest tomorrow! My August is going to be much like my January: two roughs per day for the whole of the month. Going to be cream crackered, especially as I have to fit in a weekend away with Hubbo, my birthday (30!! Arghh!) trip to the theatre to see the luscious Mr. Tennant in Much Ado, another weekend away for a wedding, hospital check ups and generally trying to get out of the house before cabin fever and madness sets in. Wish me luck!

spot scan scene 3

This is Spot the ladybird, by the way. Better get back in the swing of drawing her ASAP!

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