Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mr Fantastic and the "I'm Amazing!" World Tour

low res

This is a piece I was working on last week, although it seems about 100 years ago! It's a sample for a picture book idea written by an acquaintance of mine which is going to be sent out to publishers, along with the text, and hopefully commissioned. Mr Fantastic (the wolf) believes he is just that, although in reality he's a bit of an idiot who is constantly outwitted and out-fantasticed by his sheep entourage. It's very funny, so I really do hope something might come of it next year.

This year, however, I'm back to what I'm going to refer to from now on as The Frog Job. Comments came back on the roughs and they were really positive, so I'm now on to the colouring. It's taking a bit longer than I was expecting it to, but I am SO glad I'm not painting each spread by hand; it would take me forever. I got a proof through of the cover for the first book in the pack, and it just looks FAB, really exciting. I don't think I can really show the whole thing, but a little low-res sample should be OK:

cover sample

Looking good so far. Right, literally back to the drawing board for me!


Catherine Hayward said...

Looking good :-)

Jon Davis said...

Great stuff, I really like the Mr Fantastic illustration, lots of great detail, really nice :)