Saturday, 20 November 2010


I've spent the afternoon updating my own website and all my online portfolios. They are now all lovely and shiny and full of new work. Takes for-blummin'-ever to resize everything for each different site and make all the thumbnails, though. I've got button links to the lot of them in the left hand column over there so do take a look, if you like. I'd be very grateful if anyone could go to my own website and just check all the links are working. Cheers muchly!

maybelline contact


Rona said...

Urm what's a button link? Only just getting my head round the fact that you put amazing new buttons on your coat! Silver Surfers eh? xx

Emm@ said...

Just on the left hand side there is a square illustration with "My Website" on it. Just click in it and it should take you to my website.

Jon Davis said...

Excellent stuff, I've been doing the same thing recently too.
Just had a wee look at you website, and all the links seem to work ok. Great work too.
I found the lady you've got the thumbnail of on this post. She's really cool :)