Tuesday, 10 August 2010

So Much Going On...

...at the moment.

I've been scribbling away like nobody's business for the past week or so getting roughs done for two projects and waiting on a verdict on the roughs for a third. The next day or two should be a bit more relaxed round here, though, mainly because I have THE COLD FROM HELL and am off from library work til Friday, when hopefully I will be feeling better. (Thanks very much to the girl working in England at Home on Ship Street on Thursday who was keeper of THE MOTHER OF THE COLD FROM HELL and spent the 10 minutes I was in the shop sniffing loudly and tidying, and therefore transferring all her germs to, the displays. I said to Boyfriend as we left the shop: I bet I get a cold now. Bah.)

So yesterday I finally updated both my Etsy shops here and here, and my Folksy shop here, mainly with prints. Take a look at the little Etsy Minis in the left sidebar there. My Alice giclee prints I did for the Open House back in May are finally up there for sale. There are a few more prints to go up, which hopefully I'll get around to later this week.

I also have a fab new charity shop to share, although I'm kinda torn between sharing its greatness with everyone and keeping it selfishly to myself. I have loads of pictures both of the shop itself and my purchases to upload off my phone first, though.

There's lots of knitting going on and we've been harvesting more tomatoes from our vines (see below). I'm also very happy about the fast-approaching autumn, particularly lovely new coats in the shops and the prospect of whipping up a batch or two of blackberry jam. (Although if autumn rains could just hold off until we're back from Cornwall on 25th September, that would be fab.)

Here are a few photos to be going on with of colourful things that are making my eyes happy at the mo:




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Gail said...

Those toms do look lovely!

Hope you are feeling better from THE COLD FROM HELL ... not pleasant at this time of year. I had one a couple of weeks back and it was horrid!

Keep well xx