Thursday, 11 December 2008

I am slack...

...because, and this is incredibly lazy, I've only just taken my Halloween bats down from the ceiling. Honestly. What's worse, if I wasn't going to be hanging paperchains up at the weekend, they'd still be there.

I am waiting for feedback on my two sets of roughs. This means I am in the slightly weird position of not having any work to do. VERY odd feeling. I have, however, done six library shifts in the past seven days, so it's been nice to have a day off today, especially as I hab a colb and I've been carrying round a whole box of tissues with me since Tuesday. Still waiting, though. Not that I mind as such, it just rattles your nerves a bit as your imagination goes into overdrive wondering what they're going to say.

I have one of my Christmas pressies already:


It was HALF PRICE on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, so Boyfriend and I went halves on it. I've made two cakes with it so far. I do feel a bit lazy not mixing it all by hand, but I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough!

Last week while out Crimbo shopping with Steph, I saw these in Habitat:



Had to have them. Habitat is usually out of my price range, but these little jars and the bowl were yelling "take me home!". The bowl is the best. It's quite small, smaller than a cereal bowl, so I suppose it would be best for nibbles or dip or something. Right now it's in my bedroom on my bookcase awaiting a purpose. Bit too nice to use in the kitchen, I think.


Catherine said...

If the bowl and jars told you to buy them, then you did the right thing. Talking crockery must be worth more than an entire Clarice Cliff collection!
Lovely jars, I think I'd have been sorely tempted too. :)

Holly said...

Dude. Seriously - just taken them down??!! Did you wait for the pumpkin to become smush too??

Awesome bowl and stuff.

Eeeek - it's nearly Christmas!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O