Monday, 8 September 2008


Anyone there?

Well, has it been a hectic couple of weeks or what?

I have:

Started a new project

Left my horrible part time job

Got another, much nicer, part time job, which I start on Thursday.

Had my birthday and got lots of lovely presents from my wonderful and generous friends and family.

Bought too much stuff in Ikea (again).

Tried to have a week off, but only really managed three days.

Got a new haircut and colour (see photo on top right)

Become obsessed with the idea of making aprons.

Developed an mid-afternoon baking habit.

Basically, my whole time at the moment is taken up with my new illustration job, a sneaky peak below. That will be finished next week, so hopefully I will have a bit more time to myself to develop some personal work and FINALLY get the rest of my flat painted. Oh, and make some aprons, obv.


Holly said...

LOL!!!!! I'm guessing that's the food one?

Btw, your hair looks red in that photo...but purple in the other one...oddness!! Cool tho :D

natural attrill said...

Hello - I'm here!
I love your hair cut, looks fab.
The illustration is really good, I like the contrast between the sketchy kid and the digi background. I look forward to seeing more and finding out what its for.
Good luck with your online shops, hope you sell lots.

Deb said...

hello em. keeping nice and busy and most importantly happy! thanks for letting us have a sneaky peek-am looking froward to seeing what the baby is for! dx.