Monday, 7 August 2006

So, I'm all on me lonelisome again. Yes, it's August, so it must be the Edinburgh Festival. Lovely Jon is up there for nearly five weeks, so I'm here manning the fort.

And it's been OK so far. Getting lots of stuff done. I spent the day at Mark's last Tuesday, and, as well as talking a whole load of rubbish, we had a good talk about my work and where I'm heading. He's read The Eeries and really likes it, so I'm currently doing a few spreads for it for my portfolio, and, of course, to sell the idea a bit more to potential publishers!

This is what I've been doing for the past two days:

I had a lovely weekend with Amy Spud coming down to allieviate my loneliness! We went to Pride on Saturday, and made her work for her lunch at the allotment on Sunday:

I do feel much, much more positive about my work, and the direction I'm heading, which is due in no small part to Mark. Top, top bloke. I hope I can do 'im proud!

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