Monday, 20 February 2006

Every other day, every other day of the week is fiiiiiiinnne, yeah.

Started off the day by going to Mail Boxes Etc and stuffing the BiG newsletter. By myself, I might add. Belle had a slight memory-lapse situation and failed to turn up at 11am, but it was fine. (I didn't tell her I nearly forgot myself). Got all 105 stickered, stamped and sealed in 40 minutes. Not bad going.

Had a gorgeous Nigel Slater- inspired lunch. Bought two huge flat mushrooms from the Open Market and sauted them with an obscene dollop of butter and three crushed cloves of garlic. Sandwiched between an oven-bottom muffin and eaten while partaking of the afternoon session of Australia's finest soap opera, what more could you ask for from your lunch? I'm sure I was wafting my garlicy fumes all over the library this evening, though. Never mind. I can't smell worse than the majority of the customers.

Only had a couple of hours this afternoon to work on Mark's samples, but I finished off with a re-working of a spread from a board book idea I had a couple of years ago. Voila:

No. 2 is my favourite. It's the mis-registering I lurve.

I emailed them all off the Mark this evening, so we'll see what he says tomorrow - hopefully.

Now what do I do with my time?!!


Gail said...

I like number 2 too - as you say it's something about the mis-registration of the balck on the "heads". They're great ...
-Gail ;)

lorna said...

Hi Em- they're all fab and very much in your style, ubt I must throw the cat amongst the pigeons and say that I like number 3 bestest- I think it looks more like the painted stuff that you do that I love so much, with the coloured outline. :o) (sorry if I'm causing trouble!) ;o)